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Hello & welcome to Pattern Fantastique

Posted: Nov 03 2014

Many moons have passed in preparation and we are thrilled to introduce Pattern Fantastique and the three designs we are launching with.

The idea for Pattern Fantastique came from a desire to combine our love of really well designed garments, making, and lowering our footprint. With our combined experience in fashion design, pattern making, digital design and user experience we realised we could join forces to produce a pattern label.

A lot of our inspirations is drawn from contemporary art, architecture and film. We love a frock with a fantastique narrative. The Pattern Fantastique ethos is of the now, capturing the slow fashion movement with designs that are current now and in years to come.

The core of Pattern Fantastique is shapes, we spend a huge amount of time draping, sculpting, sampling and resampling to create distinctive, well fitting patterns. Our pattern plans and sewing instructions are a reflection of our love of construction and to share our knowledge to help in the making a truly beautiful, enduring garment.

We are now thrilled to open up Pattern Fantastique for your consideration. We hope our patterns provide a framework for you to craft into garments that you love.


Nita-Jane & Ben.


  • Posted by Amelia on November 16, 2014

    Well this is awesome. The patterns are super cool, exactly how I wish I dressed everyday. Perhaps the old sewing machine needs to come out of hiding… Congratulations on the launch, it’s ace!

  • Posted by New Model Lamé on November 15, 2014

    How exciting, I love the blog! I hope to try your patterns soon. I’m normally wary of boxy shapes on my body but those pants look like they would be great with a fitted top.

  • Posted by Mary on November 10, 2014

    Hi! I came across your terra pant pattern tonight on http://www.thesewingpatterndirectory.com/ and was mesmerized! I had to come & see. Love your patterns—they look like they were made for me. I’ll be back after I clear up some UFOs and some WIPs.
    Good luck with your new venture!

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