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Swimwear Development

Posted: Nov 17 2014

Look what I have been working on!

In the studio last week I have developed a swimsuit for another designer.  This is now stitched up and delivered to our client. Off to be hand painted (yes, hand painted) and photographed. 

Some how I got the fit right on the first sample. Boobs held in place without any underwire or power mesh! A lot of basting and unpicking was involved. There just wasn't enough of this special ink absorbing fabric to resample or make any irreparable mistakes, no pressure. Thankfully this fabric was tough enough to take all the unpicking involved and recovered to it original shape after endless try ons.

Looking forward to showing y'all the final piece and how we put it together. Maybe it's time for Pattern Fantastique to develop our very own swimsuit?

Stay tuned for more...


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