Choosing a size; Celestial Dress

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I've had a few inquiries about choosing sizes. So I have decided to elaborate on how to do this.

The Celestial is a loose fit and the sleeves don't wrap over the shoulder so you can have a narrow or broad shoulders with out any issues. Waist measurements, well you could be nine months pregnant and be comfortable.

The key area to getting the fit right on this dress is the yoke line, here is how to measure it out.

1. Firstly pick a size you correspond to from the size-chart.

2. Find corresponding yoke depth measurements. (I use a bit of tape to mark on my skin)



Celestial Dress Sewing Pattern Fitting Tips

3. Wrap measuring tape around chest at this depth and check the width with your chosen size.

4. If you are bigger go up a size and re-measure the yoke depth and width.

5. If you are smaller you have the choice to go down a size but this dress looks awesome loose.


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1 Comment

  • I have recently purchased the Celestial pattern and this tutorial on selecting the size is so helpful, thank you!!

    Melinda on

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