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Aeolian Guest Post : I’m Frilled

Posted: Oct 19 2015



Guest Bloglessanna Aeolian tee Hack


When I started sewing, the lure to buy all the pretty patterns and fabric without a great understanding of my style, what suited my shape or how to match patterns and fabrics, lead to some questionable purchases.  Sound familiar?  


These days I’m good at admiring clothes sewn by other people, knowing that they are not for me.  I try to be much more mindful of when buying fabric… but I admit this area still needs a little more attention.  I carefully study style lines of new patterns that appeal and only purchase when they are different to what I already have or what I can adapt.


The Aeolian is one of those patterns that lends itself to some simple but effective modifications.  Today I present you with two versions… I couldn’t stop at one… of the ‘The Frill’.

Aeolian_tee_Nani_iro_guest_Anna sewing pattern


When worn, the hem of the Aeolian is a little higher at the front and lower at the back, which is a perfect platform for adding a frill.  The challenging part of ‘The Frill’ modification is working out how much to shorten the tee and how long to make the frill.   

 Aeolian_tee_Nani_iro_guest_Anna sewing pattern


To try to get the proportions right, I did a little research (more on that later) and tested my guestimations in some non-precious cotton voile with lovely autumnal tones.


Aeolian_tee_Nani_iro_guest_Anna_sewing pattern


When I referred to ‘research’ in the last paragraph, it went something like this… I


  • grabbed an Aeolian out of my cupboard (I had several to choose from),
  • rescued a random silk frill from my ‘naughty projects’ cupboard,
  • roughly pinned them together at the stitching line of the hem, and 
  • took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror.


Aeolian_tee_Nani_iro_guest_Anna sewing pattern

My research indicated that the frill needed to be placed a little higher than pinned and it also needed to be a little longer.  Some measuring and a few simple calculations, and I was ready to cut my fabric.


If you’d like to try this modification…


  • These tops are based on the size of a small Aeolian Tee
  • I would classify myself a touch long in the body for my 165cm frame
  • The frill seam sits right at my belly button or do you say navel?  
  • All measurements below include a 1cm seam allowance
  • I shortened both the front and back pattern pieces by 17cm
  • The frill was cut on the bias and has been left unhemmed so it will fray naturally as it gets washed and worn
  • All seams intersecting with an unhemmed edge have been French seamed 
  • The front frill was approx.. 1.5 times the width of the front pattern piece (75cm) and 15cm long 
  • The back frill was approx.. 1.5 times the width of the back pattern piece (90cm) and 15cm long
  • The frill on the Nani Iro double gauze was cut 2 cms longer as this fabric has a reputation of fraying easily
  • The sleeves on the autumn-toned cotton voile were cut on the bias and left raw, the sleeves on the Nani Iro version were hemmed


Aeolian_tee_Nani_iro_guest_Anna sewing pattern


I’m now day dreaming about adding some some extra length to the frill and sewing up this modification as a tunic or dress in linen.  Summer sewing is my favourite!


Unitl next time,

Blogless Anna



  • Posted by Francesca on October 28, 2015

    Oh, I love this adaptation – the others are also super cool, but raw edges are great, especially with a frill:).
    And i second the thank you for not calling it a hack…. uffff.

  • Posted by Kim on October 21, 2015

    Anna and Nita-Jane, these are gorgeous. I’m copying immediately! Aeolian number 6 here I come!

  • Posted by Jane on October 19, 2015

    Frilling! Love this modification (oh bless you for not calling it a ‘hack’). Raw edges on the bias… wanty wanty!

  • Posted by Rosie on October 19, 2015

    Another winner Anna! Two winners in fact, I really like this mod

  • Posted by robbie on October 19, 2015

    Very nice. I especially like the autumn toned.

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