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Pattern Fantastique Travels

Posted: Apr 16 2018

Pattern Fantastique began in the inner city suburb of Collingwood then 12 months ago we tree changed to outer eastern bush/burbs for an experimental year with trees and space. It has been truly lovely out here despite sometimes a bit too burby for the adults in the house.

Now we are about to set out on a new adventure, slightly larger in scale. We are moving to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

bed veiwsSaigon Map Pattern FantastiqueSaigon skyline Pattern Fantastique @ The Deck

Suburbia bedroom streetscape, Saigon map & views from 'The Deck' district 2

Well, Mr Fantastique works for an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) They deal with health-related issues around the equator. The program is relocating and we have been invited for the ride.
Thao Dien Street Canopy
Street Canopy District 2


So what about Pattern Fantastique?
Well, it’s primarily a digital business. Isn’t that handy?
I love it when planets align.
The last six months I have seen the business grow in a way that makes me feel like it is definitely on the right track. Slow and solid. I have committed to producing interesting, design-driven and high-quality products.  Pattern Fantastique is also invested in operating very carefully when it comes to ethics and environmental impact, something which will be written about in more detail soon.  I am seeing the relocation to Vietnam as big opportunity to grow and maintain the vision for the business. But most importantly none of this would exist without you. I am grateful to of had so much support and looking forward to bringing the next phase to you.

Postage for patterns?
I am negotiating with my printer if they can manage to do fulfilment too. For both my online store and the new wholesale customer's Pattern Fantastique has. To keep postage rates and related CO2 emissions to a minimum. The printer also uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper at my request and puts up with my annoying queries to see how things can be done greener or more efficiently. I am lucky to have them on board.

Will be temporarily put on hold until I can set them up again using local suppliers and work out the most time efficient and greenest method of delivery. They will remain on sale until May 6th or until stock runs out.

Made to order garments?
Pattern Fantastique has been quietly making garments on request for a while. This is something I really enjoy doing and haven’t publicised as I haven’t been able to scale up knowing we would be moving OS. This corner of the Pattern Fantastique practice works really well in conjunction with what happens here. Keeping it slow, fair, green and inclusive.
Stay tuned for this one...

Did someone say Soul Craft?
So if you haven't heard yet, Felicia Semple and her crack team of wonder women behind The Craft Sessions  Are kicking off a new event.
Soul Craft Festival 
on the 9-10, June 2018.
Located in North Melbourne, Victoria.
If you can get yourself there and haven't just relocated your family to another country, GO! The line up is just incredible. There is an Instagram event happening in the lead-up #soulcraftalong. I am very sad not to be there but the timing was just too soon. Pattern Fantastique will be there in pattern form, as Blogless Anna is teaching, Tee-Shirt Construction. Using PF's very own Equinox Tee!  
There are Pattern Fantastique pattern bundles to be given away as prizes too! 
Pattern Fantastique Travels
HCMC Tarmac Swag.

Getting re-settled;
It looks like we are off 12 Th of May. We plan to stay in a serviced apartment whilst we wait for our furniture that will be on a boat for at least a month (no studio equipment). The kids will go to school for six weeks. I will be house hunting at this time and hopefully moved in with furniture before six weeks of Vietnamese summer holidays start. This all lands during Monsoon season - it will be a messy 3 months. I have prepped samples to digitise and write instructions for whilst I am without machines.
I can not wait to get them out!

Butterfly Blue Hoi An Pattern Fantastique
Giant butterfly Hoi An

The last month I have been stuck in admin hell and the next month is starting to look the same. But it feels like we reached the summit and now I can see the scale of what needs to happen with more clarity. The mad panic is behind us. It’s been a bit difficult to Instagram and may have looked like I was having a little nap on the job. Partly it’s been the crazy and the other part is really struggling to express what the heck is happening here in the form of visually inspiring images. The pretty pics are on there way along with a bunch of new patterns, promise.

Saigon is a super inspiring place to be. Having style and getting things done seems to be highly regarded by the locals. People watching can be a major past-time here. You can feel the energy pulse through that humid air.

I can't wait to take Y'all on this journey with me.




  • Posted by Tracey Vincent on May 14, 2018

    Wow! Big changes and new experiences await you. I wish you success, and look forward to new products from you.

  • Posted by Kerrie on April 17, 2018

    That’s so exciting Nita-Jane, what an adventure for your whole family! Looking forward to following along with your storey. xx
    PS – I just happen to be wearing my denim Falda today – just got it out for the cooler weather.

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