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  • Glacial Tee / Skivvy 203, Sewing pattern.  Bracelet length sleeve, mid-length body and narrow neck band
  • Glacial Tee / Sleeve 203- Sewing pattern- Long sleeve, short body and crew neck.
  • Glacial Tee 203, sewing pattern. mid length body, bracelet length sleeve.
  • Glacial Tee/ Skivvy 203. Sewing Pattern. Skivvy neck, longest body and longest sleeve.
  • Glacial Tee / Skivvy 203, Sewing Pattern. all style options PDF Pattern

Glacial Tee / Skivvy (PDF Digital Pattern)


The Glacial Tee/Skivvy (Pattern #203)

This is first style for a series of patterns with printless instructions. The blog hosts a set of linked photo rich, instructions on how to make a Tee-Shirt from 'What stitch to choose' to 'Inserting a knit neck band'. Not only do we get to save paper but this series all come at a lower price point.  Start with Tee-Shirt Construction.


This is a classic base layer. Chic, super high neckline, streamline shape with a subtle shirt-tail hemline. The broader shoulder line and sculpted armhole gives this wardrobe essential a modern point of difference. Designed with requirements of Merino Knits in mind. Maximise the Glacial's snuggly, thermal potential of this style. 


Working with Merino knits to develop this pattern the tightness has been adjusted on different areas of the body to create a neat fit around the armhole and shoulder without unessesary cling throughout the lower arm or body. A pure cotton will produce a softer shape for an effortless look. 

Three neck band options;
Narrow, Crew and Skivvy. Note that a Rib Knit contrast is required for the Crew option.

Three sleeve lengths;
3/4, Bracelet, Knuckle.

Three body lengths;
High Hip – for a high waisted tuck (no fabric bunching).
Long – comfortable perfect layering.
Extra long – defence against the chill.

Fabric Recommendations.

The Glacial Tee / Skivvy was designed for Merino Knits which have a high memory and suit extra shaping for a well fitting form. The Glacial Tee / Skivvy can be made in other fibres with a stretch ratio of 20% or more. 

Merino Knits & Merino Interlock.

All other natural fibre Knits with a minimum of  20% stretch.

Rib Knits are useable but will come out larger.

For Crew Neck option use Rib contrast for neck band.

Fabric with high Lycra content isn't recommended 0-5% is best. 

Fabric Amount.

All sleeve and body lengths.

Fabric Width - 200 cm x 95 cm

Fabric Width - 150 cm x 160 cm 

Fabric Width - 120 cm x 170 cm 

Shortest sleeve and body lengths.

Fabric Width - 200 cm x 80 cm 

Fabric Width - 150 cm x 135 cm 

Fabric Width - 120 cm x 135 cm 


Ball point / Stretch, sewing machine needles.
Vilene bias stay tape.
Matching thread.
Wooly Nylon thread and/or twin needles.



PDF Pattern

A4 (print at home )x 36 pages

A0 (copy shop) x 2 pages


A4 x 3 pages.

The body of our Step by Step instructions on sewing Knit Tee's is available on the blog Technique Fantastique - Here


The Glacial a multisized pattern from size 6 -16 based on Australian sizing. 

Check our comprehensive sizing chart here 

Our sizing system is sometimes goes up to an 18 for different styles, the size ranges are defined by what we can currently test for not by what we think is beautiful. 









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