About us

Pattern Fantastique has been based in Melbourne, Australia - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and is now back in Fremantle, Australia.
A nomadic brand inspired by travel, art and design, an eclectic aesthetic combines to create a new approach to fashion.
For makers and wearers who seek out the unconventional, Pattern Fantastique has a covetable appeal.

Founded by esteemed fashion industry professional Nita-Jane McMahon.
Pattern Fantastique began as a design-driven sewing pattern brand. Since expanded to textiles and clothing, offering a place where you can wear what you love and love what you make.

Pattern Fantastique spent  just under four years in Vietnam building connections with incredible local makers. Who we have continued to work with since returning to Australia.  We take pride in our strong bonds, reflected in the incredible quality of construction, sustained by respectful communication and a commitment to a fair exchange for their impeccable craft.


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