Since establishing Pattern Fantastique in 2015 a primary objective for the brand has been to minimise our impact on the environment.
The central purpose of our aesthetic is to make things that are worn often and are long-lasting without compromising on the “Fantastique factor”. We do not pursue hot trends, instead believing in long-lasting products. We can’t please everyone with our designs however we do wish to evoke BIG LOVE in those who connect with Pattern Fantastique and our low-impact mission. With this in mind we design our clothes with minimal use of breakable parts (eg. zips and buttons) so that our customers make/own garments that endure everyday wear and and will last for many years.
We source our fabrics from local markets and/or factories with low-impact manufacturing processes and the majority of our cloth is deadstock fabric from our local textile market. Because transparency and sustainability are key factors for our brand, you will always find comprehensive fabric information on the content label.
Fabric scraps are an unavoidable aspect of fashion manufacturing. Rest assured however that our scraps do not go to waste. We always find a use for them by creating smaller products or piecing them together into patchwork garments.
Whilst we haven’t yet completely eliminated polyester interfacing in our production we are conscious of its usage and challenge ourselves to use it sparingly in our designs.