About Pattern Fantastique

Pattern Fantastic creates chic and modern sew-at-home patterns for the home sewist who seeks more cut and design in their clothes. Our aim is to help people create and adapt their own home-sewn works of art - by making distinct garments that are both beautiful and durable.

Our patterns can be purchased in either the traditional hard copy format or as digital PDF downloads that can be printed from your home printer.
With a strong aesthetic and technical expertise we hope that our customers will be rewarded with clothes they love and the support to extend their technique and sewing skills. 

Pattern Fantastique was conceived by esteemed industry pattern maker and designer Nita-Jane McMahon whose past clients include Melbourne-based labels, TLWood, Alpha 60, Willow, Obus, Nicholas and Vixen. Her dream was to bring a standard of drafting to sewing at home that was expected from high-end brands.
Originally founded in Melbourne in 2015 Pattern Fantastique has been slowly developed and refined over the last four years resulting in a polished collection of styles and is now based in Saigon, Vietnam.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions or suggestions.