We turned 5!
It is the fifth anniversary of Pattern Fantastique this week! I can’t quite believe we’ve made it this far. Pattern Fantastique started as a part-time gig whilst raising small kids, freelancing as a pattern-maker and moving country. Certainly, something I couldn’t have done without the support of the amazing customers, testers, friends and family.

Pattern and Now Garment Fantastique...
Alongside all this fun pattern malarky Pattern Fantastique has quietly made clothing. This has been a response to DM’s and emailed requests. My capacity for production was limited until moving to Vietnam.

After being here some time and researching, building relationships, we have connected with highly skilled makers and greener fabric sources to be able to deliver garments alongside the Pattern Fantastique pattern range.

For the first range, we have five styles they are in-store listed under "Shop Now> Garments > Made to order ".

Made to Order, means we have all our supplies and makers lined up to go but don’t cut the fabric until we know it has a nice home to go to. This helps us reduce risk and potential waste.

"Made to order" garments will be available for purchase for a short period of being placed in store, this has an estimated 6 weeks delivery date and a discount of 15% included in the listed price to say thank you for being patient and helping us reduce our footprint.

After production has been made any style left over will be available for purchase listed as “In store now“ at the full price with immediate shipping and express shipping options.

The Pattern Fantastique values are built around high design standards, sustainability and fair pay for makers.

Stories will be appearing on our New Website and on Instagram about how to make things and how we work here in Vietnam.

Come see what’s on offer and send your non-sewing friends a heads up they too can have a fab Pattern Fantastique wardrobe.

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