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  • Celestial Dress Denim Sewing Kits
  • Celestial Dress Denim Sewing Kit
  • Celestial Dress Denim Sewing Kit

Celestial Dress. Denim, Pattern & Notions Kit.


We are really happy to now be offering our first Denim Makers Kit for the Celestial Midi Dress.

The Celestial Denim Kit includes 

  • Denim Cotton and lycra 285 cm x 139 cm (before shrinkage) enough for a Midi length Celestial Dress.
  • Celestial Printed Pattern and Celestial Hack PDF download. 
  • Top stitch needles x 5 - Schmetz brand 
  • Top Stitching Thread - Amman Saba brand; 500 mt  
  • Stay tape stitched  - 5 mts x 12 mm

Celestial Denim Makers Kit


The colour is a deep indigo shade with fresh white base shade. The white streaking is classic and fine giving the denim a lovely depth that will fade beautifully over time. The thread count is high and the weave tight, resulting in a smooth clean, finish with no fluffy textured threads.  

The weight is approximately 300 gsm or 9 oz. per square yard.  Which means it’s a lighter denim with a crisp finish the texture will soften over time.  It is great weight for transitional seasons wear solo for warmer days and layer up with a Glacial Skivvy for the cooler months. 
The Denim was sourced as a designer end. This was produced for a large Australian company and the over run fabric was wholesaled.  Gleaning post-industrial fabric is one way of minimising unessesary fabric production and getting to share the joy of finding such a lovely quality denim.

Amman Saba, brand thread is a German brand, often used in denim manufacturing in Australia. It is a high quality thread and come in various topstitching weights to suit different denims. This weight is slightly less chunky than what is available in retail stores and suits this fine denim. You can use it both in your bobbin and needle for seaming and all topstitching. I haven't seen this brand available at retail store in Australia.

Top stitching needles;
Schmetz, brand needles are heavy weight and shaped at the point and eye for the best thread flow when sewing with a thicker thread.  You can used them for seaming and topstitching.  

Stay Tape;
This product is one on my most used sewing notions - It is a lighter weight replacement for block fusing with the additional benefit of a the stitched line giving it an un-stretchable quality.   A superior replacement to stay stitching.  This is excellent for fixing any curved shapes, shoulder/ back neck line in tee shirts or any fabric incline to growing.  Apply to your neck line facing and empire line seam on dress to stop excess stretching. You will receive more than you need for one Celestial Dress.





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