Pattern Fantastique’s Take on Sales

Pattern Fantastique’s Take on Sales
As the season rolls around, and my inbox is filled with the ‘Get your business ready for Black Friday spam emails’, it’s hard not to be curious about what the outcome would be if I engaged in these sales.  My conclusion is always, it’s not quite right for us.

Why? There are several reasons:
  • The value or shelf life of what we produce takes a really long time to decrease, years not months. 
  • We sell globally this means we still sell summer when we’re in winter and vice-versa. 
  • We produce in smaller batches across all products, it requires more management and great relationships with makers and printers but it keeps the business agile and out of high-pressure financial situations where sales might make more sense.
  • We don’t want customers to feel like full price is too much, our pricing is based on principles of fair exchange. You purchase a product that has been given a lot of thought and development and Pattern Fantastique is able to continue with the best practices that ensure all products are winners not fillers.

But everyone loves a bargain, right? Yes of course we do! We utilise discount codes to increase engagement with you, our lovely customers.  

How is this different from a sale? Well, it’s a trade. All products include a tiny marketing cost in the final price. We trade that with you to do little marketing for us. This doesn’t necessarily mean telling your friends… although please do! It can be starting a relationship with a curious potential customer or saying thanks for a loyal one.  We are in the process of creating some new codes for 2024.

What’s the crystal ball saying? We are developing more patterns, clothing and textiles for next year and hope to maintain this no-sales practice. Last sizes (in our ready-to-ship garments) or samples may be discounted. Unless we come up with new information and an amazing reason to do a seasonal sale, it is not in the plan.

What are the current discount codes?  There are two:

* Your eligibility is recognised at the checkout when your email address is also applied. If you are not sure please check that discount is still present and no error code has appeared, prior to payment.

Thanks Mate 2023
Discount of 25% on any pattern checkout for the remainder of 2023.
• Subscribed.
• Made two or more purchases already this year.
• Used the same email for both purchases.

Discount of 25% for first pattern purchase with Pattern Fantastique.
• Subscribed.
• Use same email as subscription for purchase.
• First purchase with Pattern Fantastique.

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