Kind words from our cool customers

"I have been sewing with Pattern Fantastique patterns since their beginnings and cannot get enough! They hit that sweet spot where fashion meets home-sewing; think impeccable drafting meets interesting design lines and styles that take queues from RTW without being a slave to the trends. You end up with a garment that feels wearable for the everyday but still unique."

Sophie @adaspragg

The Terra Pant pattern is my fave sewing pattern of all time. The design is straight out of my dreams! I had never made pants before but the instructions (that come with great illustrations) are so good that I have now made 3 pairs, and I love them all.

The Craft Laboratory

"I’ve been a Pattern Fantastique customer from the beginning. The drafting is always spot on and the styles move between architectural masterpieces and feminine chic. I always eagerly await the next pattern release."

Anna @bloglessanna

"In addition to being modern and fashionable, PF patterns always teach me something new: a sewing tip, a finishing technique - something that leaves me with a good looking garment and an enjoyable experience."


"In my eyes the Falda Jacket is a masterpiece of both design and execution. It’s pattern pieces are very unique but they all slot together perfectly. The construction involves lots of steps but the instructions are clear and it’s one of the most rewarding and satisfying items of clothing I’ve ever made. My denim Falda gets loads of wear."

Anna @bloglessanna

I've used PF's Lucent Visor and Sulis Hat patterns. I didn't think I could make a hat, but lo and behold, I actually can, and it is a stunning one that wouldn't look amiss in a Vogue editorial shoot. Thankyou Pattern Fantastique for helping me push my limits so easily.


Excellent drafting is key to these patterns and sewing them up unfolds in a logical step by step process so they're kind of intellectually interesting but effortless. Incredibly clever draping, turning basics into something entirely original, with a lovely clean line and balance so they hang just right. Not your ordinary pattern company!

Rosie Art Worker Projects

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