What changes have been made to the Terra Pants?

The Terra Pant was originally launched in 2015, they were designed to be oversized, slouchy and optimised to sit lower on the hips. They had the option of sizing down to look fitted and high-waisted. Trends have changed & seeing as I needed to regrade I may as well optimise the Terra to be the high-waisted version it wants to be. 

For those who have the OG Terra's and want to know what changes there are I have listed them below. 

I have added a discount code for those who have purchase Terra's from the online store and would like the new version.  The discount code will work if you are subscribed, purchasing using the same email as the original purchase and have made a purchase from 2017 onward - put the code in the checkout.


Below is a list of changes made to the pattern. 

1. The sizing has changed down one size, so the size eight is now a size ten etc.

2. Added 2 cm of width to the high hip back, plus an extra dart; this gives more      curvature for the rear.  

3. 5 mm was removed from the front hip curve.

4. The crotch width has an additional 7 mm. 

5. The centre front was raised 1 cm to reduce forward hip tilt. 

6. The hem was lengthened by 4.6 cm, and the total hem circumference was reduced by 4 cm. 

7. The fly structure has changed for clarity and ease of construction.

8. The front pocket opening has an additional facing for improved cutting and fabric use.

9. The centre front waistband was simplfied.

10. Patch pocket has been updated in shape and additional grading on the pocket.  

11. The front pocket re-drafted to stream-line construction.

12. The following options have been removed; 

The back welt pocket. 

Wider belt loops. 

Tailored cuff.

13. The instructions are rewritten in our updated style. 

14. Most importantly graded from a size 6 to size 30.

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