Hello Genoa Tote


I am super excited to be releasing the first colaboration for Pattern Fantastique and Blogless Anna 

Genoa Tote

Anna and I had met via the inter-webs and quickly became friends with a shared obsession of stitching and tasty textiles.

Anna designed and developed the Genoa Tote and asked me to draft it up so she could have a hard copy to teach classes with.  

I could see the Genoa was a winner and proposed we turn it in to a sized, commercial pattern with full instructions, for all you all.  After some toil edits, testing, re-edits, we now have an already very popular, easy to sew and pretty gorgeous bag. 

The Genoa Tote exterior has a super clean appeal. Perfect for plains or big scale prints. The handle come in long and short lengths and narrow or wide widths. Are you a shoulder or elbow nook carrier? 
The Genoa Tote, body is also sized  S, M, L. 
My favourite is a large with a short wide handle. My laptop snuggles perfectly to the medium and I have two littler people eyeing off the smalls. 
With the instructions Anna has gone all out.  We really wanted the Genoa to be accessible for beginner level stitchers. Maybe even a gateway pattern for a life long sewing habit. The steps are laid out very clearly and have a combo of photographs and illustrations to guide you. Perfect for beginners or re-charging your making mojo.
With a quick construction, universal appeal and the Genoa Tote could have the approaching gift giving season sorted.
Genoa Tote Sewing Pattern




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  • That bag looks great! Would be a wonderful holiday gift for all my teacher friends. Do you have any vendors that you recommend for the leather straps?

    Claudette on
  • Awesome – just what I was looking for. Any ideas on how to/best way to insert a rigid base to keep the base absolutely flat?
    Thank you!

    Amelia on

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