Who makes our clothes

Our production philosophy is slow and sure because clothes should last and endure time and we focus on producing the best quality garments for our customers by paying attention to every detail. From design to engineering, Pattern Fantastique live and breathe this philosophy to meet the expectations of our valued customer who trusts us and choose our designs.

Someone once said to us: “If someone is working for you and transforming your life, the only fair exchange is to transform theirs.”

We highly regard this sentiment and for us it means both respectful exchange and fair pay. It is important for us to be transparent and inform our customers of who make the garments. Our makers are local business people, they are not our employees. They are tailor shop owners who operate their own “micro-factories”. Each maker and their team are responsible for a small production of garments. Pattern Fantastique works closely with these makers to ensure a high quality product and minimal waste. We have formed close, fair and respectful relationships with them and this ensures clear and open lines of communication throughout the production phase. They work to their own schedule whilst we are charged per garment. We set realistic timelines without pressure to speed up the process as we understand the work and time it takes to expertly finish a design. The makers are paid significantly higher than the minimum and local living wage.
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