Shipping information

  • Buyers are responsible for local duties, taxes, and any fees at delivery in countries where applicable
  • Please provide a postal address that is dry, safe and accessible. We are not responsible for loss, stolen, tampered with or carrier delayed packages where insurance hasn’t been purchase. No plastic packaging is used for the shipping of goods.
  • Express shipping costs vary by country.
* Shipping update since Covid Australian Post recommends the use of Express Post only due to excessive delays
Patterns are shipped from Australia using Australia Post.
There are two shipping options available:
  • Standard: not covered by insurance
  • Tracking and Insurance 
Transit time is provided by Australia Post and an estimate only.
* Shipping update since Covid we are now shipping with UPS express 5-7 days. They require we use their packaging. We will resume our greener option when postal systems are functional.
All garments are constructed and distributed from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam using Vietnam Post or EMS There are two shipping options available:
  • Standard: included in sale price tracking provided no insurance.
  • Express (optional at checkout): insured and has tracking number