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Technique Fantastique

  • Shearling Genoa

    Posted: Oct 10 2016

    Genoa Tote sewing pattern, Shearling re-fashioned patchwork.
    It’s suppose to be spring here and it has been raining and freezing ridiculousness. But maybe I have made the best winter bag ever which makes up for a vitamin D deficiency, right? Every day of shivery chill I’ll be able to relish this fluffy being. Here’s my latest Genoa. This bag is an invitation for experimentation. It’s already easy to make and there’s no fitting required.  It all began when I found a shearling jacket at my new favourite op shop on the discount rack out the front. This op shop is community run and the prices can be a bit random to say the least, it really depends on which volunteer has done the tags that week. I could see this gem had been under valued. The jacket was 90’s shearling sport coat, suede outer, lamb fur inner. Best gunmetal grey ever. The styling had some minimal norm core...
  • Hello Genoa Tote

    Posted: Sep 09 2016

    Genoa Sewing Pattern
    I am super excited to be releasing the first colaboration for Pattern Fantastique and Blogless Anna  Anna and I had met via the inter-webs and quickly became friends with a shared obsession of stitching and tasty textiles. Anna designed and developed the Genoa Tote and asked me to draft it up so she could have a hard copy to teach classes with.   I could see the Genoa was a winner and proposed we turn it in to a sized, commercial pattern with full instructions, for all you all.  After some toil edits, testing, re-edits, we now have an already very popular, easy to sew and pretty gorgeous bag.  The Genoa Tote exterior has a super clean appeal. Perfect for plains or big scale prints. The handle come in long and short lengths and narrow or wide widths. Are you a shoulder or elbow nook carrier?  The Genoa Tote, body...
  • Cutting Tools; Pattern Fantastique's Ultimate list.

    Posted: Sep 08 2016

    Sewing Scissors
    Setting up a sewing kit or considering what tools might make your practice easier?  Sewing can lead us into a world of consuming purposeless, plastic items when ordinary things will do the job. You also have to then store the tools and hunt them down in a hectic sewing space. The more tools you have, the more tools there are to misplace and or store . Here's list of  my favourites to help refine your tool kit and hone your sewing practice. 1. TIME. Give your self some time. There is no point in rushing or punishing yourself for not getting it done faster.  Chill and snip. 2. SPACE. Have you got a flat surface to work on? A clean floor will do. Make sure nothing will snag or dirty the fabric and allow some space to move around your work. Cutting towards yourself is probably best left for the double jointed. 3. SCISSORS. Try an get yourself...
  • Pattern Making at Handmakers factory

    Posted: Apr 16 2016

    It's getting closer to class time! Nichola of Handmakers factory and I came up with the idea of having an unconventional pattern making class, no A-line skirts here thanks.  We are doing a full re-style on the Aeolian tee, from simple, sculpted, minimalism to a classic peasant smock.  High glam or easy everyday wear the peasant smock is a wardrobe friend you will wonder how you lived without. Utilising the Aeolian's already fabulous shape and easy fit I will show you key pattern making methods and give you the skills and confidence to recut patterns.   With a follow up construction class you will be getting the full pattern to garment experience.  Volume, lengths and finishes to choose from plus skills for life. 7th of may  bring it on! The Pattern Fantastique Pinterest page has a mood board going to show you shapes and styling options for this design.  Follow me for...
  • Introducing the Falda Jacket.

    Posted: Mar 20 2016

      We are very excited to launch our latest product The Falda Jacket. The Falda Jacket was developed using a combination of draping and flat pattern making. Fabric carved into bold clean shapes. A nod the the chanel tweed, the sensibility of a bomber jacket with some victorian sleeve volume all in good humour. The Falda pattern comes in two different style options. Style A for denim weight fabrics, patch pocket, additional topstitching. and style B for bulky woollens welt pockets and a full lining. This gives you a jacket for transitional seasons and deep winter chill. With plenty of room to layer up underneath and an easy to wear everyday piece.  You will pretty special wearing this even on the greyist of days.   The PDF files include A4 and AO sized patterns and an in-depth fully illustrated instruction manual to hold your hand every step of the way. Our model a...

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